Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Another use for washi tape

Both boys usually carry out their notebooks when we head out. These are useful during waiting times or meal times, where they busy themselves doodling, or filling the pages with stickers. And since Junior J is quite the squirrel when it comes to picking up and keeping little findings from nature (like leaves or flowers), we've also started keeping these things inside his notebook. 

Thing is, it's rather annoying to have him stuff his notebook with leaves, only to have them go flying around in the frenzy when he drops his notebook, or when the wind gets to the pages. So we've taken to carrying small rolls of washi tape (you could try winding some around a piece of card or an ice cream stick too!) which we use to secure his stuff after he picks them up. It helps to make the page look prettier too, I think! 

What do you use washi tape for? (For more ideas, you can check out our Pinterest board on washi here.)

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  1. I LOVE the idea of bringing out scrap books and keeping little treasure in them! Way cool!

  2. A note book for sticking things they find is a great idea. I have never bought a roll of washi tape before, but it looks very good in his notebook :)

  3. I have a little squirrel too! This is a great idea :)

  4. How imaginative? I have a notebook for pictures/birthday invites :)

  5. What a beautiful idea. I must get me some washi tape. I have been holding back, but it might be time. I can see it being very useful xxx

  6. so cute!
    Why don't I have washi tape? I must amend this immediately.

  7. So cute! I carry around quite a few rolls of washi tape and the kids all take their art journals everywhere. I think it's a lovely way for them to express themselves and I just love looking back at what they've done.

  8. brilliant idea for the washi.. and so much cheaper to wind them around ice-cream sticks than using their maki-maki machines heh

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka



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