Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Thankful Tuesday: Lil J's 2nd birthday party

We celebrated Lil J turning two over the weekend, and hosted a small lunch for the grandparents and the boys' god-parents. We thought we'd keep the party small, since we're not fans of large celebrations! So the food was simple local fare, and we had DIY popiah:

... as well as home-cooked yummies from both grandmas:

There was even a small side party going on!

I'm glad there was something yummy for everyone. (Lil J loved his konnyaku, while Junior J loved the chocolate cake... which unfortunately the birthday boy couldn't eat, thanks to his egg allergy!)

Everyone was busy chatting or playing. And I hope they all had a good time!

Am just very thankful that we could celebrate the little boy's birthday in such a simple manner, and that we could have friends and family to celebrate the occasion with.

Happy birthday, my Lil J! We love you so much!

Mum in the Making


  1. I love simple homely parties too. (Esp like the little side party you set up for the kids!) Blessed twos, lil J!

  2. Happy birthday, lil J! This looks like a wonderful party, surrounded by all his loved ones, and a homemade bus! :)

  3. happy birthday Jamie! the intimate birthday parties are the best :) Poppy had crepe paper in her room for her birthday party IN JULY. it's still hanging there. well, bits and pieces anyway :)



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