Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thankful Tuesdays: Slowing down

Perhaps its knowing that the clock is ticking down to baby #3's arrival. Or maybe its that nesting instinct that has kicked in. Whatever the case, I've turned into this crazy cleaning machine. I bustle about each day with a long list of to-dos, I sweep through the house scolding the kids about messes, I've been decluttering and cleaning and tidying. Sunday saw me clearing out the storeroom, and yesterday saw me attacking our larder with a rag and tupperware. There's still lots to do. There are so many ideas too bouncing around in my head. (Seriously, Pinterest doesn't really help to file those ideas. I need a pensieve.) Plans for homeschool. Ideas for Lil J's birthday party. I'm even trying to start on my Christmas shopping since I might be too busy in December with the new arrival!

Amidst it all, I have these two:

They don't really have a good idea about time. Lil J thinks its perfectly ok (or rather, he thinks its fun) to empty out the contents of various drawers or boxes onto the floor. They are noisy and rowdy and messy. Their idea of fun is flinging a blanket around and around and singing songs. Or making huge drippy messes with paint. 

But. Amidst all the crazy cleaning and all, they have been teaching me to catch a breath. To slow down. To laugh at the silliest things, like trying to stop a salad spinner using your little nose. To try to close both my eyes to some mess and some disorder. 

So I am so thankful for my boys. For what they teach me. For how they still love this Mama when she goes berserk on them with regards to their toy tornadoes. And this week, I'm trying to slow down a little, to savour the moment, to calm down a little. 

So what about you? What are you thankful for?

Mum in the Making

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  1. LOL Pensieve!!!

    I'm grateful for strangers who take the time to tell mums that they're doing a great job :)



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