Thursday, October 24, 2013

We're a lil busy...

Hello! Things are looking to be a lil busy for the next few weeks. Whatever the case, Junior J and I are rather tied up with a big project right now, so it might be a little quiet here for the week. We'll still be updating the FB page with our fav reads though... but I must admit I'm enjoying the time away from social media and the internet.

Meanwhile, I've hit the 33 week mark, and am feeling like the belly can no longer stretch any further (but I guess it'll have to, since we still have 4 weeks to term!). So if you do meet me, and need something to talk about, try the weather, or our current project. Or ask me what baby #3's name is going to be (yes, it will start with J). Please don't start by telling me my belly is huge (or inquire if I have twins) because everyone tells me that!

PS: If I don't make it in here on Friday, you can still link up your Friday Five posts here!

1 comment:

  1. Let me guess a project for baby#3? Rest if you need Justina, I'm sure your hands will be full when baby arrives :)



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