Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thankful Tuesday: And you are two...

Dearest Lil J,
Yesterday, you turned two. And marked the big day by falling off the sofa, getting into a big fight with your brother about using the play kitchen, falling and getting stuck in a basket, and having three pee accidents. Which is so you, always getting into scrapes, and always in the thick of the action at home.

Its been such a journey seeing you grow from this tiny little thing...

... to being a feisty little baby:

And now you are all "grown up" and a big boy, with a mind of your own ("No unnerpants, diaper ONLY!" you proclaim, which is why potty training has been so difficult). You are stubborn and very opinionated about certain things, and quite the little imp. You are the happiest when you have something clutched in your hands, be it some game counters or foam alphabets... and you are always picking and holding on to leaves and flowers when we are outdoors.

You are a little foodie. You refuse to wake up from your naps, but just rustle a packet of dried mango and offer you a slice, and you are up and awake in a split second. You love munching on fries and you love your pasta. And you're getting really good in peeling and feeding yourself edamame:

Another thing you are really good at: pasting stickers everywhere except in your notebook.

Lemon gives you rashes, but you still insist on eating slices of it from our drinks:

You are always singing songs (your favourite is still "The Wheels on the Bus"), and your little performances always make us laugh. I've always wondered how you and your brother would get along, but it seems that while both of you fight every day, you two also get along very well. Its been a joy seeing how you play together, and how you give him hugs if he is crying.

You're going to be a big brother soon, and I think its going to be a time of adjustment for you, as you get used to being both a didi and a koko. Meanwhile, remember that we love you very very much, and thank God for you every single day.

Your Mama.

Mum in the Making

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