Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Never alone

Occasionally there come moments that are so photo-worthy, you cannot help but snap a photo. However, sometimes, all you have is your old wonky iPhone, but to me, such moments are better captured in a blur photo, then to have no photo at all. 

So this is one of those grainy iPhone shots. Baby J was fretting in the cot, and along came Lil J, who was reading his baby book. So Lil J opened the book (upside down if you notice), and told Baby J a story ("once upon a time, there was a... once upon a time"). Then Junior J came and started reading his book (as you can see, he knows how to actually flip the book with the pages facing baby J, so that he can see the images). And both were reading to the baby, and the baby stopped crying. For a few minutes that is. Enough for me to get whatever I needed to get. I must say I'm enjoying this period before the littlest is old enough to get into fights with the older two!

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