Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thinking Thursdays: A book a day (and one super promo!)

We've been slowly easing into our homeschool routine, and I keep reminding myself to take it slow, so that I don't crash and burn. So for now, all I aim to do is to read and discuss one book with Junior J. On good days, we manage to squeeze in a lil math or science, but on challenging days I just aim for that single book. 

So we've been reading all sorts of books, ranging from "The Magic Schoolbus" series, to longer stories. "Steam Train, Dream Train" (which we purchased from Amazon) was one title that was a hit with both the older boys, simply because it had elements that they both loved: animals, toys, and of course, the train. Lil J sat with us and helped to count cars and trucks and animals, and pointed out various colours and animals. Junior J and I discussed the various train carriages that were introduced (I never knew these as well, so I learnt alot too!), and how they were suited to carrying various loads. It was satisfying to see how much learning we could actually squeeze out of just one title!

Discussions aside, we've been enjoying books featuring the Berenstain Bears. I love how these form a springboard for me to talk to Junior J about various life issues, from fighting with his brother, to sharing his toys, bullying, and even visiting the dentist! (We purchased some of our titles from the Campus Crusade bookstore, and also scored this pack of 8 titles off the Groovy Giraffe.)

And speaking of the Groovy Giraffe, we have a discount code for all you blog readers! You can enjoy 20% off their already discounted items in the "Education" category, with just a minimum spend of $30 storewide. Just key in the discount code "mmum20" at checkout! The discount is applicable for both the books in the "Reference" section, as well as for assessment books. I've already spotted a few titles (like this atlas for children, as well some pop-up books on space, earth and the human body) that we might buy for ourselves or as gifts. And assessment books seem to be a staple for kids in school these days, so I'm sure this promotion would be pretty useful! This promotion is valid until 31st January.

You can also get 5% off books in the other categories, with the discount code "mm05". However, do note that you cannot use both discount codes at checkout. Have fun book shopping!

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