Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Thankful Tuesday: So you want three kids?

Everyone in this family has been sick the past few days. Baby's still recovering from the previous cold he caught. Then Junior J caught some other bug and spread it to the hubs. Both of them more or less recovered, then me and Lil J caught it (second bug in a row, poor kid!). I was all woozy and had to spend Monday and today snatching naps when I could because I could barely keep my eyes open. And just across the past two days we've had:

:: 1 vomiting incident on the bed.
:: 2 leaky dipes: 1 on the sofa and the other on the other bed that didn't get vomited on.
:: 3 am washing up sessions, because both hubs and I crashed into bed when putting the boys to bed. I crawled out after nursing baby to settle the dishes, plus those dirty sheets.
:: 4 am sessions with baby who refused to sleep until 2 hours later.
:: 5 rather grouchy people in the family.

This, on top of the usual craziness (read this to understand what I mean!). I was starting to hear all those voices in my head, those that usually ask me "why do you want so many kids? Can't stop at having just one?".

Anyway, bad week aside, I must say I have lots to be thankful for:

:: God's faithfulness. Never failing.

:: The hubs, who was on MC on Monday and took the older two so I could rest.

:: My mum, who very nicely took both the older boys off my hands today for the first part of the day.

:: These three. Who drive me bananas, but who also brighten up my days. My heart always glows when i see the older two playing with each other (when they are not fighting that is), and how they care for their lil baby brother. 

Baby, don't cry... Uh Oh, what have I done? Mama come quick!

Junior J loves patting his lil brother and hanging out with him.
He even observes how we calm the baby down, and uses "SSSHHH SSHHH" noises like us when patting Baby J.

:: A brief respite on Sunday, before the rest of us fell sick. We attended an awesome birthday party (it was science-themed and the kids all wore their Papa's white shirts as lab coats) and Junior J had lots of fun! 

:: Appliances that make life so much easier: I am so glad for our dishwasher, which reduces our dishwashing load by a large amount. And during these sick days, our washing machine and dryer have been working overtime through the night.

So, yes, we're chugging on. Still thankful. And if you ask me, would we have this many kids if we had a choice? Yes, definitely. Puke, mountains of laundry, crazy days, but still worth it, and no regrets (and read this for more reasons why!).

Mum in the Making


  1. Oh dear, what an eventful week, Jus, I am glad you survived! Angel used to puke often, especially whenever she coughed, and it was an nightmare cleaning the sheets and mattresses back in Sweden where we didn't get much sun anyway. Haha. =p That science theme party sounds awesome! =) Three is the new two, right? It's so sweet to see the older two care for the baby, I bet!

  2. Hang in there! Speedy recovery to all.

  3. I think 3 is definitely exponentially challenging, but you get the exponential joy too! haha.

  4. Thanks for reminding us to give thanks in the little things :) You are suchan awesome momma! and no helper! :) You go girl. :)



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