Monday, February 24, 2014

One happy mama & one great promo!

Junior J is finally reading! It has taken awhile for us to get to this point. I must admit I was getting worried when he was so reluctant to read to us, while all the kids around his age seemed to be reading fluently. He seemed to be able to recognize many words, but would clam up if we asked him to read anything to us. 

However, these days, he's been picking up books and spending time trying to figure out the words (rather than just flipping through the pictures). He's also started reading to his little brother. :) I guess he's now more confident after all our Bob book sessions in the afternoon, and just immersing the kids in books has helped them to enjoy reading. 

And speaking of kids and reading, the Groovy Giraffe has hit more than 1000 Facebook likes, and is celebrating this milestone by giving readers a 15% discount for books in the Children's category! This includes books from the Pop-up, Picture, Early Reader, Activity, Chapter, Non-fiction to Audio books categories. Just key in the coupon code "mm15" to enjoy the discount! This promotion is valid from now until 19th March 2014, so quick, grab those books for your kids before they are gone!


  1. Thankful that the haze is somewhat more contained and that we have bright and sunny weather to enjoy the outdoors!
    When I saw the dino exhibition, I thought of your boys!

    1. Susan: Yes, I was getting worried about the haze, since the oldest has been coughing! And did you go for the exhibition? It was really good!



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