Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thankful Tuesdays: These days...

... have been tiring. But I am thankful that these are also the days of:

:: Growing and getting stronger...

He now can sit in the bumbo, and loves just sitting in there and watching his brother play.

:: Exploring new places and learning new things:

It was our first time visiting the Art Science Museum, and the waterlilies were blooming outside. It was gorgeous!

Junior J was rather scared at the exhibition because of the loud roaring.
However in general we felt it was a very good exhibition!

:: Building:

The boys love constructing stuff. And I think they are learning how to play together better.

:: Hanging out together:

These two spend so much time together and they swing from fighting like crazy, to doing all kinds of things together. 

I am just so glad that I can stay home and be their mama. And I am thankful for these ordinary days. It's true that the days are long but the years are short, and I'm trying to treasure all these little moments!

What are you thankful for?
Mum in the Making


  1. Think I should take my son to visit the Art science museum too. And the waterlilies, wow!

    1. Mummy wee: Yes I think he would enjoy it! The dino exhibition was really really good, and I think more suited to slightly older kids. And yes, the waterlilies were gorgeous!

  2. Yes! Indeed the days are long but the years are short. I swing between rueing the days (or hours of screaming fits) and missing the years gone by! Ahhhh the contradictions of life with littles.

    1. Lyn: Yes I totally identify with that conflict! Oh well, guess life is never simple, esp when there are kids in the mix!

  3. Can I ask what blocks the boys are playing with? It looks fun! :)



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