Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Dino drawings

Junior J loves to draw, but most days it has been all sorts of strange squiggles and shapes. Some time ago, he started trying to draw real objects, and started drawing jellyfish, snails and later on, lions. And recently, he's graduated to sketching dinosaurs, and sticking them up on the walls with washi tape:

A is for Apatosaurus

Velociraptor, with hooked claws, saying AHA!

Ankylosaurus with its club tail and armor, eating a plant.

Stegosaurus. This one's my fav!

B is for Brachiosaurus.

Since he's never gone for art classes (save for 2 school holiday sessions), I found it really interesting to see how his drawing skills have developed. I love his dinos, how round and happy looking they look, and how he's managed to capture the essential features of each, from long necks to spikes or plates!

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  1. Love Junior J's creativity and he must be sooooo delighted and proud to be able to display his works of art on the wall at home!!!!!

  2. I love how smiley all his dinosaurs are! Too cute. Looking forward to more of his artwork, and gosh, that's a lot of dinosaur names to learn. I think I only know one. Looks like I need to attend 'mama school' too. :P

  3. I enjoy your art making series with the kids. Especially the genesis creation ones! Tried hard to find the comment box but couldn't. Hee. So commenting here. Like your very personable and friendly blog!



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