Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thankful Tuesday: 4 months

Oh you. Sweet, sweet little you. You have turned four months old in just a flash. It seems like I have been busy chasing a toddler, and doing laundry, and teaching phonics, when suddenly you have just grown up. You're one of the smiliest babies in our family, the one that chuckles at the littlest thing, the one that is so excited to see your brothers, the one that loves to gurgle and talk to us. Of course you are also the one that cries at the tiniest little thing, and the one that still needs to be patted in the carrier to go to sleep. 

But oh, how I thank God for you. For your happy sunshine-y nature, that makes all those tough days easier. For those chubby thighs. For your baby smell, and baby squishiness. For those baby snuggles and snuffles and kissable cheeks. 

You've been flipping back and forth like a pro for the past few weeks, you wriggle really fast, and you complain in baby "ahhhs!" when you are left alone in the cot. Your brothers love you so much, and can't help coming over to pat you or talk to you. You're sleeping a lot better at night on most days. You love to sit in our laps to listen to a book being read, and you love going out. 

I am just so thankful that God gave us you, you little sunshine boy. Keep smiling, and I am praying that He will keep you strong and healthy.

Papa and Mama.

Mum in the Making


  1. Awwww...he's absolutely perfect and is doing exactly what he's meant to be doing at this age. It's splendid that he's sleeping better through the night and is such an adaptable member of the family. Children are such blessings!!!!



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