Monday, May 12, 2014

Monday Made: Rainbows make me happy

It had all started out with a rainbow. I had asked Junior J to help me with a canvas, which I wanted to give my mum for Mothers' Day. I let him use some of my precious Colte washi tapes (those that he never got to use for regular craft projects), and he had a field day cutting and pasting the tapes to form a rainbow. 

He then helped me to paint the canvas, and we added cotton wool for clouds, as well as little alphabet stickers:

He then decided that he wanted to also decorate a canvas for me. So I provided him with another blank canvas, and left him with the relevant materials. He got busy with it, and asked me not to peek. And even tried blocking my view with pillows. And here's what he did:

It was a stegosaurus, surrounded by pink footprints (because Mama loves pink), painted with poster paints and outlined in oil pastels. He also added a rainbow, and stuck on the lettering on his own too (he didn't know how to spell, so he copied the other canvas we did!).

Needless to say, I loved his little creation. I guess it's all the more precious, because you usually don't get creations for Mothers' Day when your kids don't go to school. 

Here's wishing all mothers a blessed belated Mothers' Day. You might not have had an ideal one, and you probably would have spent most of it taking care of the kids. There might not have been breakfast in bed, and the lack of cards and presents might have caused a twinge, especially when you scrolled through your FB feed of pictures of handmade cards and gifts. But remember, this day celebrates you, mama, because you're amazing and loving and super! (My day was an ordinary day, as the hubby was on call. Lil J skipped his nap. But we made it to church without Papa, had a playdate, and my parents came over, so it wasn't too bad a day!) 


  1. Oh that is so precious indeed! I loved how he replicated the rainbow too. And such a great idea to use different colours of washi! I hadn't realised. I also had a pretty ordinary Mother's Day, but hey everyday is mother's day. :)

  2. That's so sweet of J and in mama's favourite colour no less. Yes, Mother's Day is a day to celebrate the journey we've come so far as mums, presents or not. The gift are just bonuses for the kids to remember to show their appreciation.

  3. Happy mother's day super mama! how on earth did u made it to church with 3 kids when i'm struggling to bring one!

  4. Junior J is so sweet to want to make a canvas for you, and to add his own creation to it. It's a priceless gift indeed!



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