Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: The kitchen wall

We've finally gotten down to framing and hanging up all our posters and canvases recently. One of the areas we worked on last week was the kitchen. 

If you've seen our kitchen tour, you might have noticed we had this wall, which has been left blank for the longest time. So I added plants, and put them into these pots on a stand, that were from a lovely gift from a friend last time:

We also put up a cat painting by Junior J, which had cheery bright colours that suited the yellow of our kitchen, as well as some little food postcards which I had purchased from a bookstore in Germany. (These used to grace the wall above the boys' cardboard kitchen.) 

The boys love staring at these postcards, and identifying the food items:

And here's how the wall looks like now! The colours really pop against the white wall, and help to make the kitchen a happy place to be in. 

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  1. Lovely how your done up the wall.. really nice touches :) Happy WW

  2. J's cat drawing sits so nice in the kitchen. Got to admit it's the last place I'll think of putting up a picture. Very nice work. And I like your framed up postcards too.

  3. Oh I love the cat drawing - so expressive!



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