Thursday, June 5, 2014

Floating dreams

Some time ago, we were introduced to the art of Azisa Noor by a fellow mum blogger, Pamela. At that time, Azisa was accepting requests to paint floating islands containing whatever you fancied, from mythical creatures, to real life families. All you had to tell her was what you wanted on your island, and she would get to work! I loved the idea of these floating islands, and her works were beautiful, so I couldn't resist "commissioning" three paintings, which we've printed (she sends us the soft copy) and recently framed and hung up. (And no, this is not a sponsored post!)

Just dreaming up the islands was such a wonderful thing to do, and seeing them painted in such delicate details was lovely:

:: Our pink cottage with green shutters in spring. Along with a tree swing, trains for Lil J, and a brachiosaurus for Junior J. 

:: Our hobbit home, with a bright blue door, as well as wisteria, a weeping willow and our very own swans to feed. And a rainbow to remind us about how God keeps his promises. 

:: This was my favourite! Our little tree house snug in a giant tree, with a tyre swing, and a field of sunflowers and poppies. There are macaws to spot, we have a sloth for a neighbour, and a boat to sail away should we want to go and pat the whale or dolphins.

It was, in a sense, like catching our dreams (like how the BFG does), and have them splashed across a paper, in vivid colour. Sitting down and dreaming about my islands helped me to see what was important to me, and reminded me of some things that didn't matter. I think I enjoyed the thinking process as much as I did the paintings.

I'm not sure if Azisa still paints these islands, but if you were to have your own floating island, what would it look like? How will your floating dreams appear?


  1. A sloth for a neighbour! That's me! I'm your neighbour!!!

  2. Such exquisite drawings! I would be keen to get her to paint me a couple if she is still doing this. =)



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