Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Thankful Tuesday: That thing about birth order

I've been reading this book about birth order (affiliate link), which states that birth order actually affects one's personality and relationship with others. Thus far, what has been described about first-borns, middle-borns, and "babies" of the family seem to be rather spot on (except perhaps for Baby J, whom is still a little too young for us to determine his personality). In general, first-borns (and only children) are described as the responsible ones, who tend to be perfectionists, and succeed in leadership positions. While the middle children tend to be the negotiators and entrepreneurs. And the babies of the family are the happy-go-lucky ones that excel at making others smile! I won't go more into the details (read the book to find out more!), but it has been most interesting to see how the three boys interact with each other. 

Junior J and Lil J are the best of playmates. They play together and miss each other when they are separated. However, they also fight like cats and dogs, often over the smallest of things, and these fights can get pretty ugly! 

Lil J and Baby J are pretty good together. Lil J does dote on his baby brother, but does not really spend much time hanging around him. I guess to an active toddler, a baby brother who can't walk, talk or sing isn't much fun! However, it is still really sweet to see how Lil J treats his brother. He talks to him in this high-pitched squeaky voice, and tries to comfort him sometimes when he is crying, and also washes his brother's toys when he drops them. 

Then you have Junior J with Baby J, which is just plain sweetness. Big brother really dotes on his baby brother, and is always asking me how baby is, and hanging around to play with him. He helps to watch the baby while I prepare baby J's bath, and reads books to him on his own accord!

It is quite amazing to see baby J actually pulling his brother's hair or ears, or even biting his brother's fingers, and getting away with nothing but a smile from his older brother.

He even tries to dig at his brother's face, and Junior J is totally fine with it.

Many have told me that there would be conflict between the older two because they see each other as competition, while the oldest would dote on the youngest because the baby isn't seen as a competitor. 

Whatever the case, I am thankful to be able to see the relationships between these three grow and deepen each day. Birth order may affect our personalities, it may direct our relationships, but love covers all shortcomings. 

For some reason or another, the older two decided to line themselves up with the baby.

And to my three little boys,
You are very different, in your interests, your personality, your strength and weaknesses. You are you. And we love you all very much, no matter if your other brother is stronger, faster, or smarter. God made each of you special, He put each one of you in a special place in our family, and I am thankful that He knows best and knows the plans He has for you. Keep growing, keep learning, and keep being different, because He made you that way! (And don't compare, ok?)

Your Papa and Mama

Mum in the Making

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