Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lil J turns 3

Oh you. My ham in the sandwich. You turned three this week, and this mama is still in disbelief that her baby is a big boy! You know that, because I still call you "baby", and you retort back, and remind me that you are a big boy. 

You used to be the one that could never sit still. These days, you are still fidgety, especially during meals, but you've grown to love books and now can sit down quietly for stories. You love the Berenstain Bears, and all manner of books on trucks and construction vehicles, and are obsessed with excavators.

Mess is still your middle name. You tend to disappear into the toilet and spend lots of time playing with water at the sink, and you cannot resist investigating any body of water, from drains to fountains to puddles. You love cake (unfortunately you can't eat most cakes because of your egg allergy), and have been caught trying to nibble at your birthday cake while everyone is still singing you a birthday song! You are quite the beverage boy, and would always be investigating everyone's drinks and asking for sips.

We marvel at how you always speak complete sentences, and love your kiddy voice and how you tend to mispronounce things and drop your "r"s. You are starting to be fascinated with numbers, but absolutely refuse to learn your alphabet. 

You love green and yellow things, and you are a carb king: you scarf down pasta and noodles and you love rice. You also love fruit, but meat is on your not-too-fond list. 

You are quite the imp, but you also have such a generous giving little heart. We love you so so much... and here's a big Happy Birthday to our little ham!

Mama, Papa, Koko and baby.

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  1. Blessed birthday, little man! You're growing up so quickly! May you be blessed with good health, and filled with plenty of joy always.



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