Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Home: More on the nature table

We've not done much to the nature corner this week. However, the boys' collection of natural materials seem to be increasing: they bring home all manner of things, from twigs to leaves to pebbles. So the other day, I did a clean up of the corner which was resembling a leaf litter habitat. I've learnt that giving them containers, like bowls and cups, seems to help keep the collections sorted and make it look prettier somewhat. Lil J loves the corner, and likes to retreat there at various times of the day, to just fiddle with fruit and play with twigs. 

Another things we've tried is to dissect flowers. We took apart some flowers that were starting to wilt, and looked at the various parts of the flower. There after, we put the petals and other parts in a bowl and the boys got to mess around with it in the nature corner. 

I'm hoping to work on the corner soon, once we're done with Lil J's birthday celebrations. Until then, you can view glimpses and updates for our nature table here.

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