Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Thankful Tuesday: Ups and downs

This week has been full of ups and downs, but I guess that's the norm isn't it? So here's what we've been thankful for the past week:

:: Oct 14, Tuesday: I was thankful for home and all its comforts. And how doing a little each day does help to make a difference. We cleared the dining table, and it made such a difference when it came to doing Mama school!

:: Oct 15, Wednesday: The hubs was really busy and had a couple of work dinners this week, so it was a long day. However, I was thankful for a relatively fruitful day with the kids. Junior J was really helpful, finishing his work quickly and helping with the chores without being asked (he started folding his clothes on his own accord!). Lil J got to do some painting, and it was a pretty good day. 

:: Oct 16, Thursday: It was one of those cranky days, where baby refused to nap, and my back was acting up. I was just so thankful for my parents who helped out: my dad who popped by to babysit for some time, and my mum who helped to cook dinner. And looking at these 2 boys at the end of the day, I was reminded of how while we cannot manage in our own strength, God provides strength for each day, and I was grateful for that.

:: Oct 17, Friday: We had a playdate with friends, and I was so thankful for friends. Who buy lunch, drag their kids over to your place even when they don't drive, and even clean up after. I realized I was really blessed to have good friends, and was glad that our kids could be great pals too. If you're wondering about the pic, Junior J was having a magic show. He got volunteers (Oh how I laughed when I heard him asking for volunteers!) to slot in items into the baby's sorting box, so that they "disappeared". 

:: Oct 18, Saturday: We had one of those crazy errand running days, where we had to get groceries, balloons, and visit the bookstore and DIY shop, plus have lunch. We made it through, even with 5 trips to the toilet! I was so thankful for this little shopping assistant of mine, who helped me to carry things and was generally helpful. He declared the basket was his disguise, so he wore it over his head!

:: Oct 19, Sunday: Baby J was running a fever, and stuck to me the past few nights. While I was a little antsy as there was so many things to do, I am still so thankful for this little boy. For how he goes wawa, for how he loves and bounces to music, for his toothy grins and peekaboos.

:: Oct 20, Monday: It was a pretty messed up day, but I was glad we managed to settle some party prep. I was so thankful again for Junior J, who helped to pack the goodie bags and helped me with the banner. He tells me "ssssh we cannot let Lil J know! It's a surprise!".

There have been bad days and good days, and ups and downs. But I really give thanks for a week with my boys, for new mercies each morning, for a God that loves me.  What are you thankful for this week? 

Mum in the Making

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