Thursday, January 29, 2015

Junior J's 6th: Party packs

I was really stuck with regards to Junior J's party this year, since his requested theme of sea reptiles was a tough one to prep for. In the end, we decided to just go with an "under the sea" theme for the party packs, since his friends probably wouldn't be familiar (or interested) in those sea reptiles anyway.

So Junior J got down to making these sea creatures from Perler beads, using this template to make the octopus, crab and turtle. He then made the fishes by referring to pictures off Perler bead packaging!

We bought kraft paper bags from Daiso (these are made from thicker craft paper, which don't tear so easily), and Junior J painted the bags using watercolours. 

We finally filled them up with various goodies: a fishing set (from Daiso, don't you just love that place!), nougat, sweets and raisins. The fishing set is pretty nifty: there are floating as well as sinking fish. The boys are still happily playing with theirs!

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  1. LOVELY IDEAS! And such unique way of gifting! :) Will copy your idea ok? hehehe



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