Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Thankful Tuesday: That dimple

You came on the eve of Chinese New Year eve, after a difficult labour. The first epidural didn't really work, so they ended up giving Mama a second one. You came, looking a little odd, because your head had been squashed for a few hours. You scrunched up your little red face to scream.

And we saw it. That dimple. As you yelled your lungs out, we saw that little dip in your cheek. Such a perfect little dent. And we exclaimed to each other "he has a dimple!", amidst your wails and our exhaustion.

Over these six years, you've grown so so much. You're not tall, but you are definitely skinny. You scoot everywhere, you love to climb up door frames, you help me to carry groceries and flex your thin arms to show me how strong you are. But that dimple? That dimple hasn't changed. It deepens as you furrow your brow when you are angry. It seems to curve and smile, when you laugh, running about and playing with your brothers. Looking at it reminds me of the day you came, the day we were still trying to spring clean the house, the day where it all changed with your arrival.

While that dimple hasn't changed, you have. You've become more open to changes. You no longer freak out each time we change our plans. Your heart is so much bigger: you share with your brothers, you are always so so patient with Baby J, you help us around the house. You're learning to keep trying, even though sometimes thing can be hard. You are still reserved, but you're learning to make friends. You are growing up, and we couldn't be more proud of you.

We thank God for you. As the oldest, we know we sometimes can be stricter when it comes to dealing with you. But whatever the case, remember that we love you as you are, no matter what you do. May you continue to grow to love and honour God. Happy 6th birthday!

Your Papa and Mama

Mum in the Making

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  1. Happy 6th birthday! Sounds like he is really a wise and sensible boy who can help ease Mama's burden nowadays, well done Junior J! I had that same pleasant surprise when I saw my girl's dimple too when she was born and couldn't help but smile each time I saw it. (Especially since both the hubs and I don't have!) No wonder they say a dimple is the most beautiful imperfection on earth! =)



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