Friday, February 6, 2015

Our Week: Exploring

The week has gone by in a blur because I've been rather busy preparing for a few sessions of a craft coop. And we've been also trying to declutter lots of things at home. Anyway, the boys have been spending more time outdoors in the evening, since the hubby had a rare few days where he got home before dinner. 

That aside, we've been still experimenting with light. They are still using their torches, and now have some lenses and prisms to play with. 

I'm still experimenting with more messy play for Lil J. We tried messing about with coloured water this week. 

We're also trying out different tools for craft. They got to play with sponges this week, and they're working on a under the sea scene currently. It's really nice seeing all their crafts going up on the walls. Their happy colours cheer me up!

Here's to a blessed weekend!

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