Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Thankful Tuesday: It does get better

You know those days? Where you have littles and your day is filled with diaper blow-outs, tantrums and non-stop "mummy mummy"s? Where you need to do everything for them, from wiping poop and feeding and finding that lost pencil? Those days can be overwhelming. They can seem like they'll last forever. You go to bed, exhausted from their relentless neediness, and realize that tomorrow it will all happen again. And that cycle repeats itself, over and over. 

But you know what? Those days will pass. And you find that taking care of them gets somewhat easier. There will be different challenges, but on the whole you'll find that things get better. You aren't always on high alert mode all the time, which can be so exhausting. The kids learn to help out more, and listen more, and they become (hopefully) more sensible as they grow older.

Lil J has been rather challenging for the past few months, and I was sometimes at my wits end trying to deal with him. But recently, we've learnt a few things about him that have made parenting him a little easier. A softer side to him has also emerged. He's been insisting on feeding his little brother fruit, picking through those with seeds (like nona) to find parts that do not have seeds for him. He gives random kisses and hugs and tells you that he loves you, something that he didn't do previously. 

These days, things still do get crazy around here. The witching hour before dinner, where everyone is grumpy or start going nuts. The tantrums and having to watch a climbing, exploring toddler. But it does get better. It does. 

So if you're having one of those crazy weeks or months with your littles, know that it does get easier. Take it day by day, be consistent, keep giving hugs, and remember, it will get better!

Mum in the Making


  1. Yes there certainly will be much easier days ahead. You're one super mummy to do it for all three, so hang in there.

  2. Your entry hit the right notes for me. I am taking care of a newborn and 5 year old by myself as my hubby is travelling.It can be nerve-wrecking. I can feel you but you're way more capable than I do !! You're indeed a super mom ;>



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