Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Thankful Tuesday: Fourteen months

Dearest Baby,
Many people say that the third child gets less photos taken, and less memories recorded compared to their older siblings. Which is I guess, somewhat true. However, less photos doesn't mean you get loved any less. And I think you're extra blessed, because you have more people to love you, since you have two kokos who play and tumble about with you. These days, looking at the three of you playing together makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Because you are so used to having so much noise and activity around you, you seem to thrive on being around people. You're always trying to join your brothers while they play. You sometimes spend half a church service waving and shouting "EH LOH!" to whoever is sitting behind us. You love giving baby kisses and blowing flying kisses to us. You're usually a happy, smiley little boy.

These days, you make everyone laugh by the way you insist on wearing shoes. On your hands. You crawl about with shoes on your hands, and refuse to let us wear them on your feet. And speaking of feet, you've started taking your first few unsupported wobbly little steps a few days ago!

Naps are still tricky because you're always wanting to look around, but you're sleeping better at night. You are still waking up a few times a night though. You're also eating better these days, and while feeding you is still a messy affair, at least you're less fussy these days. You love soups and mee sua. You are still crazy about fruits.

You've hit this language spurt and have been picking up all sorts of words these days. You say crocodile, and excavator ("ohohdile" and "ehvata"), butterfly (bubbabye) and rabbit (ehbit). You love flipping through books about the farm and bobbing to music.

Happy fourteen months, my little sunshine!

Your Papa and Mama

Mum in the Making

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