Thursday, March 12, 2015

Children's Craft Fair

We've been busy preparing for the Children's Craft Fair, which would be held this Saturday at the Singapore Art Museum. Junior J has been really busy making all sorts of Perler and Hama bead crafts (like those pictured above), and would be selling these at the fair.

Bead crafts aside, there would be lots of other crafts for sale, like photo frames, coasters, rainbow loom crafts and greeting cards. These are all made by our homeschoolers, and a few co-ops were organized to encourage the kids to prepare for this craft fair. (You can view our behind the scenes video here, as well as more details for the fair.)

We got to teach some of them some basic scrapbooking techniques last month, and the kids spent two afternoons learning how to use punches, inks and stamps, and made all sorts of greeting cards. It was wonderful seeing all these little hands at work, stamping and punching, cutting and pasting.

The creations that they came up with were interesting. The boys preferred to work with lots of glue and glitter, and spent lots of time squeezing globs of glitter all over and pasting big buttons on their cards. The girls tended towards flowers and butterflies. All in all I think they had a good time!

I was pleasantly surprised because Junior J was very enthusiastic about making his cards, and came up with these designs (As you can see, he loves glitter too. Heh.):

We're still busy working on more bead crafts for the fair, and we hope to see you there this Saturday!



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