Friday, March 13, 2015

Our Week: Wonderfully full

It has been such a full week! Lil J is down with acute bronchitis, the baby is also starting to fall sick, and we are rushing to finish our prep for the craft fair. But before the kids fell ill, we had a lovely week:

:: We got to check out Old School Delights, and the kids had fun playing with all the various old school things there. Such a lovely place! (The laksa is pretty decent. The kids loved the chicken wings. And I really loved all the old school stuff they had displayed!)

:: They got to play at two playgrounds new to them, in Toa Payoh. And we found a yummy ramen place nearby. 

:: The hubs was off on Monday, so we also headed to the zoo. Baby J spent the whole trip trying to toddle everywhere. Lil J absolutely loved feeding the goats. Seeing this feisty boy being so gentle with the littlest goats was such a heartwarming thing.  

:: We went for our usual co-ops. They did paper cuttings inspired by the works by Matisse. Our Chinese co-op sessions have resumed (hooray!), so our weekly schedule is now fuller.

:: We got rained out for swim class, so everyone headed to the library instead. I realize going to the library makes me happy. Perhaps its being able to browse amongst shelves and shelves of kid lit. Or the thrill of finding a good read that is new to us. I think we need to put library visits into our weekly schedule, even though bringing all three of them there together is sometimes quite the challenge.

We had to miss a birthday party, and cancel our upcoming artist co-op session because of the sickies, but I'm hoping everyone will get well by Saturday's craft fair. As our co-op sessions fall into place, and our homeschool rhythms get more regular, I must say that each week looks full, but in a nice sort of way. Now Lil J does a little bit of Mama school when Junior J is done, and he seems quite keen! 

It took quite a while for us to get into this rhythm, but I think finding this right fit when it came to schedules does take time. I'm glad I didn't rush and fill up our schedules to the brim, so we still have breathing room to do what interests us, and I don't feel too much like a headless chicken rushing from one activity to the next. Guess there is no one size fits all when it comes to these things, since some families seem to thrive on a packed schedule, while others prefer to be more spontaneous. If you're still finding what works for your family, take it slow and don't overcommit! Here's to a lovely weekend, and hope to see you at the craft fair tomorrow!

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