Monday, March 16, 2015

Project Homeland: The Sampan Playground

After our unsuccessful visit to the Mangosteen, Watermelon and Elephant playgrounds, we headed for the Sampan playground (at 625 Elias Road). This one's a pretty small playground, and is next to a coffeeshop. The playground smelt a little of pee (so try to go a day after it has rained), but the boys were still happy to run about exploring.

There's a slide, and stairs. The slide is wide, so it makes sliding with friends fun!

There are also lots of tyres to climb or peer through. Pretty fun even for such a tiny playground like this. 

I've yet to make the playground portrait for the Sampan playground, since we were busy the whole week preparing for the Children's craft fair. Will update when I do!


  1. Nice! It's been so hard finding the time to make it down to this one, though it's near my CG mate's home!

    1. L Lee: After CG one day? Or before? It's tiny though, so I think the kids would be done after 30 min! ;)



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