Monday, March 9, 2015

Project Homeland: The Dove Playground

We visited the Dove playground (at Blk 10, Dakota Crescent) last week. The boys really loved playing at there, simply because this was one of the playgrounds that still had sand!

They ran or crawled (in Baby J's case) across the bridge. Many times. 

They climbed up, or slid down the slides. (There are 3 slides in total.)

They careened wildly as they sat in the swings. These tyre swings are so rare these days.  

The baby had a field day. He climbed stairs. He climbed slides. He tried sliding down slides on his own, and bumped his head. He grabbed handfuls of sand and crawled all over. 

Lil J was especially delighted with the sensory aspect of it all. He played with sand. He busied himself picking up those tiny leaves that were scattered about the playground surfaces like confetti. 

As the hubby busied himself chasing the littlest, I was enjoying myself snapping photos of the kids, and admiring the lines and curves of the playground. The shapes and colours do lend themselves nicely for a photo shoot. And those pretty blue mosaic tiles!

I had to dig deep and long into a bucket of pastel coloured Perler beads to find all the periwinkle blue beads to match the tiles. Digging aside, it was hard to work out the curves of the playground on a square pegboard, so this is how our playground portrait turned out:

If you do have the time, do bring the kids to visit the Dove playground as I've heard that it would be demolished next year. (You can read about another mum's visit to the playground here, and about our trip to the AMK Dragon playground here.) Here's to a blessed week ahead!


  1. Yes this is definitely on our must-visit list of playgrounds! I really love your bead work :)

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Ai: Go soon since I heard this one will be demolished in the near future!

  2. You really have a gift for art. This entire series deserves to be up on the wall in your home!

    1. L Lee: Awww thanks! It's calming to sit down and bead, so I do it to destress! ;)

  3. I love your idea making memories of heritage playground using beads!

    1. Sweetday: Thanks! One way of preserving them in a sense I guess!



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