Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Thankful Tuesday: Full circle

We went to the zoo on Monday, as the hubby was post-call and off for the day. Zoo trips used to be the norm for us, since we used to attend a co-op that met every week at the zoo. This trip, however, was different, because instead of having two boys walking, we had three. (Ok, Lil J sometimes asked to be carried.) Baby J has been switching between toddling about and crawling, and he wanted to walk everywhere at the zoo.

As we watched him, wobbling about in his crazy drunken baby steps, talking to otters both real and otherwise, those memories came back. The times where I would carry him, light as a feather in the carrier at two months old, as we joined the other homeschoolers in exploring the zoo. He would sleep for most of the trip, mainly waking to feed. Both he and I would be hot and sweaty thanks to the heat, but we did those trips, week after week.

Then he started becoming more alert, and the co-op shifted to other outdoor locations. These days, the morning nap is a challenge, and he finds it hard to sleep if he is outside. He wants to take in all the sights, he wants to explore, he has to be in the thick of action. He was so excited to be walking around looking at animals, he refused to nap that day at the zoo.

Looking at him toddling about, it seems like we've gone one full circle. He is no longer a baby but a little toddler. My heart ached a little, seeing that. But yet, I was thankful too, for all the grace I've been given this past year or so, trying to care for all three of them, for how it is now a little easier to go out, because the boys are growing up, day by day.

They say the days are long, but the years are short. Indeed it is so. Meanwhile, do stay as Mama's baby for awhile, won't you?


Mum in the Making

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