Friday, April 24, 2015

Confessions of a headless chicken

This is what homeschool looks like these days: messy and pretty random. We do most of our "schoolwork" during Baby J's nap. However, these days I've been finding that time frame really tight, as many times Baby J wakes up after a sleep cycle and screams for me. Sometimes I manage to get him back to sleep, sometimes I don't. Whatever the case, it means I'm usually trying to make the boys scurry along with regards to their "schooling", and that rushed feeling isn't something I'm enjoying. Many times, we are still doing stuff when Baby J wakes, and I end up having a baby in my lap trying to draw on our books as I try to read to the older two.

Our schedule has been rather full. We are out of the house 3-4 times a week, for co-ops or swim class. (Junior J does piano class but my dad accompanies him to class, since it's parent accompanied and I can't bring the other 2 along.) So mornings are usually a mad dash to get everyone ready and out of the door on time. (Seriously, how do you mums get your kids out of the door in the mornings? Does it get easier?)

I think the rushing about and the having to juggle baby amidst doing school has been taking a toll on me. (I won't even start on the mummy guilt!) Most days I feel like a headless chicken. Each day, I am so tired after a day of scurrying that I end up sleeping early with the baby. I guess that is a good thing as I get more sleep, but it means goodbye to blog posts and crafting, and I am very behind replying my emails.

So this headless chicken has been trying to find a head, and I've been thinking. The craziness I can't really help, since life at home with three is like that, and it is a season in our family we'll have to grow through and work out. The toddler is busy learning, he is busy climbing, grabbing pencils and drawing on everything he finds. However, I could make some sense of the madness if I try to organize myself a little, and engage the youngest in more activities. Also, we've decided to only attend one of our co-ops every other week, so that I get some breathing room.

Blog-wise, I realize I haven't been able to do much of the things I enjoy: sharing about books that we love, doing DIY projects for the home, or crafts with the kids, or taking pictures. I realize these are the things that make me happy, and I hope to dabble more in these in time to come, when we are more settled homeschool-wise. I've been introducing more crafts with the older two these days, and I admit these are the times I really enjoy, just that I've no time to blog about them! Meanwhile, you'll find more snippets over at our Instagram rather than here.

So here's to a blessed weekend!


  1. Hello my fellow headless chicken! Lol!

    I'm feeling the same too! Only that I'm struggling with just two. Doing school with little one on the lap too. But it doesn't take long before he grabs something and puts it into his mouth. Baby's putting EVERYTHING within sight into his mouth!

    HS schedule revolves around baby's nap too. It's difficult to finish a story without interruption.

    Hoping and praying things will get better!

  2. Hi Justina,
    Reducing the Co-op outings sounds like a good start in conserving more energy? : ) As for blogging, haha... perhaps can just take pictures and do more short wordless posts to help 'catchup' with your activities? But I know it won't be the same...hee. I find that spending time to reflect on my goals of the year helps me realign my routine and get me on track. : ) Perhaps it's time for some evaluation of your homeschooling efforts? So that you can re- 'configure' a workable routine with your active baby around? Just throwing some suggestions here. May God grant you the wisdom and peace of mind and heart to journey on in Him. : )



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