Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thankful Tuesdays: Because you are the oldest

Dearest Junior J,

They say that our personalities tend to be shaped by our birth order. The oldest child in the family tends to be the responsible one, the one that usually leans towards tradition, routine and order, the one that seeks approval and achievement. In a sense, I can see those traits in you, since you are the first-born in our family. Yet we can also empathize and see from your position, since both Mama and Papa are also the eldest among our own siblings.

I know I tend to push you hard (oh those piano practice sessions where I keep telling you to focus and not fidget!). I admit I also have rather high expectations for you, and sometimes I wonder if being the eldest is becoming a burden for your (still) little shoulders. These days, I catch myself telling you things like "you are older than your brothers, you should know better", or "You're my biggest boy, so Mama really needs your help". You are tasked to do the most cleaning up, because your siblings are still young, and I depend on you to help me watch over your baby brother when I have to attend to things at home.

Thankfully, you willingly help out at home most of the time (unless you are curled up in a corner reading a book). You love hanging out and playing with your brothers. You're not so keen on clean up time, but you still do it. I am so glad that you do not compare, or ask why you have to do so much more than your brothers. Perhaps you think so, but for now you seem to know (and hopefully understand) that we expect more from you because of your age.

Sometimes I forget that you are just 6 years old. Then I look at you, at your delight in having a cheese sandwich in your lunchbox, or how you love to tumble about with your brothers, and I am reminded that you are still very much a child. A child that perhaps had to grow up a little faster because you had two brothers that followed after. I will keep praying that I will remember that, and give you room for childhood.

Whatever the case, know that I am so very thankful for your very helpful and capable hands, and your loving, generous heart. Just yesterday, you decided to make colouring books for your brothers as they are currently in a scribbling phase, and proceeded to draw various things for them that you thought they would like. Seeing these little thoughtful gestures always makes my heart swell, and I thank God for you everyday.

Your Mama and Papa

Mum in the Making

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