Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Thankful Tuesday: 16 months

Dearest Baby J,
You recently turned 16 months. You're still a tiny thing, and it doesn't help that you are fussy about food. If you could have your way, you'd eat just fruit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You are still crazy about watermelon, shouting "mamamelon!" when you catch a glimpse of us cutting it.

You've been quite the sticky monkey these days. You need to be carried for an hour after naps, and refuse to be left alone to play. But you also love going out, and would always wobble to the door, grab your shoes, shove them under our nose, and demand "walk walk!". You don't relent until we bring you out, or else you'll keep asking or crying. You insist on walking everywhere (and usually in the wrong direction) when we are out, so excursions these days have been quite a challenge.

Your brothers sometimes play together with you, however, you tend to get left out since you tend to destroy things. Your oldest koko still takes care of you though, and always holds your hand when we are out.

Sunshine is still your middle name, that is, if you're not crying about something. You're still as smiley as ever, and very generous with your kisses and hugs. You're on the roll when it comes to picking up words, and have been trying to string words together.

The days have been really full with you being so active. I've always wondered how we'd cope with the different needs of the three of you... but I've learnt that while time is divided, our love and patience has definitely multiplied. We thank God so much for you, little one. Try to eat more ok?

Your Mama.

Mum in the Making


  1. Hi, Mine is also a super picky eater. How do you deal with meal times?

    1. Hi there! We usually let him self-feed bits of food (like pasta, noodle, bread and fruit) while spooning in the rest of his meal. We also have to distract him some times by reading books to him, and on bad days he ends up eating yoghurt for the 2nd half of his meal. Whatever the case, we've learnt that fussy eating usually improves as they get older (as was the case for J1). Hang in there!

  2. Thanks, it makes my blood book everytime I have to feed him. He will clamp his mouth shut and push the spoon away or spit out everything.



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