Monday, May 4, 2015

Project Homeland: The Clock Playground

We visited the clock playground over the long weekend. This playground is next to Blk 514C on Bishan Street 13, and is located next to the bus interchange. I find it strange that a playground would be built where it is noisy and dusty with all the buses roaring past. However, I guess this playground probably saw happier days where kids would play there while on their way home from school. 

The playground itself has a pretty cute design, with two clock faces topped with a candy-coloured roof. The kids spent a short while exploring and sliding. 

Strangely enough, they were not too keen on playing on the structure itself, but preferred digging about in the sand. 

Unfortunately though, the sand was littered with lots of cigarette butts (we see people frequently gathered there for smoke breaks in the evenings), and there was a fair bit of trash lying around. That aside, the playground itself is not very well-maintained, so if you plan to visit, do caution your kids to watch out for jagged edges, like at the base of the slide (the hubby accidentally scraped his leg while sliding with the kids). 

Located next to the clock playground is a newer playground, one of the usual ones made mainly from plastic. The kids seemed to prefer this one, but also didn't spend much time playing on it. 

What they did spend time doing though, were hunting for these fruit pods, which littered the ground next to the playgrounds. 

Seems like when it comes to play, nature always wins. We brought back lots of these pods and they are now piled up in the nature corner. We might try painting them one of these days!

PS: You can read about our visits to various heritage playgrounds here, and another mummy's visit to the clock playground here.

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