Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Thankful Tuesday: 17 months

Dearest little boy,

You turned 17 months a few days back. I keep forgetting that you are not even 1 and a half yet, since you're always trying to act like a big boy and mimicking your brothers. You've learnt how to push the blame, and when we tell you not to scratch and pinch, you tell us that Lil J scratches too. You're always trying to climb the art trolley and getting colour pencils to draw with, and you must have the long pencils and not the short ones. You like to borrow your brother's Perler bead camera and pretend to take photos with it, complete with the clicking sound of the shutter... except that most of the time you hold the camera upside down. You've been trying to pretend to snore, but you can't seem to make the sound, so you look like you're trying to snarl instead. 

Your brothers sometimes let you play with them. Most of the time though, they will ask you to go as you'll want their toys. You can hold your own in fights, but know that your best defense is to cry, wether or not you were in the wrong is another issue altogether. Your Ah Kong visited recently, and you were delighted, since no one plays with you as much as he does. You would always ask for "Ah Tong" and are still asking for him now, even though he's left for home. 

These days, you tell us that "I lup you" and follow that with wet kisses. You like naming various animals in your books, but you still refer to the octopus as "ahbahji". You are especially fascinated with pictures of crying babies, and would keep telling me "baby cry!". 

You are still Mama's shadow, and you panic when I leave you to play on your own. In a sense, I'm enjoying that clinginess since I know that will pass, and soon enough you'll be wanting to run fast and far. But meanwhile, I'll hold on tight to you, and enjoy you and your toddler days. We love you so so much.

Mama & Papa

Mum in the Making

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