Monday, May 11, 2015

Rave Reads: The Beetle Book

Recently, a friend helped us to purchase a pair of stick insects. We've been figuring out how to care for them (including hunting for hibiscus plants for their leaves as food), so I figured it would be a good time for us to read about insects in general. 

We started with Steve Jenkin's "The Beetle Book", with its beautiful illustrations. (You can read our mini book review of the book here.) Junior J had a great time painting some of the beetles in watercolour and drawing some using markers. 

We also made some beetles using cardboard. I helped to draw the outlines for these beetles, and the older two coloured them and added goggly eyes, and pipe-cleaners for legs and antennae. We were inspired by some of the imaginary bejeweled insects we saw at the Singapore Art Museum's Imaginarium exhibition, and added buttons to some of our beetles. For others, we added glitter glue.  

Junior J's jewel beetle (top) and Lil J's pleasing fungus beetle.

Lil J's pleasing fungus beetle on left and mottled tortoise beetle, top right. Junior J's rhinoceros beetle bottom right. 

We're quite bugged out for now, so we'll probably move on to a different topic this week!

PS: If you need ideas for butterfly crafts, check out our post here. You can get more updates on our activities via our Instagram, and if you need book recommendations, check out our Rave Reads folder!

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  1. The insect craft works is really beautiful !! good work !

  2. I need to borrow this book for Noah too! He's been really into insects these days. Thanks for sharing!



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