Wednesday, May 18, 2016

To my little girl

Dearest baby,

You had to wait for Mama today. I had to apply ointment for two of your brothers, and feed medicines, and puff them. You were tired, you fussed a little, but you waited. I had to rush to get your brother ready for class, and the repairman decided to come earlier to repair the washing machine, and I couldn't attend to you. You waited. Your brother had a pee accident on the floor, and I was rushing around like a crazy woman, and you waited. 

Some days I feel so bad, that you have to do so much waiting. You are only three months old, but you seem to know that Mama is up to her neck in trying to care for all of you. So you fuss when you need me, like any baby would, but you tend to wait longer and you don't scream as much. I think God knew, and blessed me with you, with your milder temperament and better ability to self-sooth. 

They say it gets easier with each baby, but it isn't true, since it really depends on baby's temperament and a whole lot of other factors. I am so thankful that in this crazy time, you've been quite the angel, and I thank God everyday for the blessing that is you.

Your Mama.


  1. Awww, so sweet. She is growing up so fast, glad she's been an angel to mama! Good girl! :)

  2. your little girl is so very sweet and understands the momma !! :D

  3. She's such a darling! Hope things get less crazy for you soon, and that everyone in the family is healthy again. Hugs and prayers for all of you as usual!

  4. Hi! It has been a while since I read your blog! From just a mum of 1, now you have multiples and are homeschooling!! :D Big congratulations! The youngest tend to learn to wait. But don't feel bad; your kids are a lucky bunch to have you as their amazing mum too.



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