Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Messy Mittwoch: The neatest room in the house...

... happens to be Junior J's room.  Granted, he spends more time playing in the living room since its easier to keep an eye on him there if I'm doing housework, so usually there are toys scattered all over the sofa and floor during the course of a normal day.  His room is used mainly for reading and sleeping, so its easier to keep it neat and tidy.  Whatever the case, I've realized how the room has morphed over the past 2 years to suit his needs... and since its a busy day and the boy is falling sick, I thought I'd just share some photos of his room that make me smile... :)

This was how his room looked when he was a little baby (we didn't have time to do up a nice nursery for the boy and everything was rather mishmash, but that warrants a post on its own):

Drawers used to house essentials like cloths, wipes, etc.  This was shifted from our room to his.

Sleeping quarters (this was the cot I slept in when I was a baby!), complete with sleeping baby inside.
We had hung a hot-air balloon from the ceiling instead of the usual baby mobile.

And Junior J's room now:

The drawers have remained, and now house old toys not in circulation, as well as art supplies.
The panda actually is a night light, and the picture is done by a talented couple in our DG.

The hot-air balloon got shifted to another location in his room,
and he can now look at birds flying above him when he wakes up in the morning.
Details on how to make the mobile in this other post. :)
The trees on the wall were painted by us over a weekend!

Same location for sleeping, but a different bed!
We took an old mattress that was formerly used for guests and converted it to a floor bed for the boy.
The boy loves choosing which pillow to sleep on each night... :)

Will post more about his room next week... gotta run now!


  1. Wow! I love this! It may be simple but really very cosy and the colours coordinate well - great job mommy! A while back, I was looking around for some ideas to do up my boy's room but till now, I have yet find time to get anything done :( But seeing these photos, I'm all inspired again! By the way, where did you get the tree decal? I'm looking forward to your next post!

  2. Oops.. realised it's not decal but you guys actually painted the tree! Anyway, wanna share link to one really amazing boy's room I saw online:

  3. Oh dear, this is so sweet and delicate(referring to the interior design)! Love the hair air balloon and paper crane, how creative you are!^^

  4. Ruth: Thank you! :) The room actually took a long time to get "done"... it sorta changed along the way as we added this and that and did little projects... And yup, we painted the trees, but I think you can search on Etsy for some really lovely decals (but I think they are pretty ex). Thanks for the link, will check it out now!

    Alice: Thanks! :)

  5. Love J's room! We're looking to buy a new bed for Bubbles and at the same time have a little re-do of the room. This post just made me think of moving my butt on this project again :)

  6. Hey, this is such a lovely and cosy room. I like the mobile and the hot air balloon. Give a special touch to the room. Nice!

  7. Corsage: Thanks... you must be excited about the redo! Its pretty fun to decorate the kid's room! ;)

    Ing: Thanks, Ing! We actually had those rotating mobiles with music and lights, but the hubby broke it (was a hand-me-down), so we had to improvise! ;)

  8. I love the simple, personal touches :)

    Where did you get the hot air balloon? I want one... for myself :p

  9. Olimomok: Thank you! Hahaha, we bought it from one of those shops selling toys and pouches and gifts... I can't remember, but it was either Action City or Mini Toons... :) Your boy might want Mama's balloon after you buy it though... :p

  10. May I ask you what the Montessori book you read said about having your little boy sleep on a mattress on the floor? I am a former teacher, so Montessori interests me. My 2-year-old daughter's bed is on the floor, though it is more for convenience and frugality than anything else. When her 1-year-old brother outgrows his crib at some point, then we will put both of them in bunkbeds. :)



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