Friday, September 28, 2012

Grateful Gatherings: Brothers

We've just passed the half-way mark of our stay in Germany, and 6 months have passed. How time flies, especially when it wings its way through the milestones of the littlest ones!  One of the sights that never fail to warm my heart would be the two of them sitting companionably by each other, playing or flipping through books together.

The baby is one month away from toddlerhood.  Since the time we moved over, we've seen the little boy grow from a teeny tiny thing, to a regular little spitfire that has rather decided tastes when it comes to mealtimes, and very strong fingers that pinch really hard (we have the bruises to prove it!).  He loves fruit, and can eat half a peach at a sitting.  He zips around quickly with his belly crawl, which usually is accompanied by a "don't let baby J come here!" from Junior J when he is busy building or making something.  He's figured out how to fit his ball into a box, and loves throwing it as well.  He chatters and makes all sorts of bird-like noises, and has been christened "squirmy wormy" by us, as he cannot sit still.  He must be carried facing outwards so that he can observe all the things around him.  He loves listening to songs and would unclench and clench his fist when he hears "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".  He is our little bundle of energy and joy.

Junior J, too, has grown.  He's matured and now helps out quite a lot at home.  He's still a stickler for order and routine.  He loves to sing ("animal songs ONLY!"), and life at home is never quiet with him and his make-believe stories.  He still loves to paint and read.  We're still working on that stubborn streak in him, and hope that his resolute nature would eventually be pruned to yield perseverance but not obstinacy.

6 months worth of growth.  Half a year of brotherhood, of the older learning to care for the younger ("Baby J, you cannot have toys during meals", as well as "Baby J, when you are older, you will be able to eat this!"), and the younger looking up to the older.  That's 26 weeks worth of blessings bundled up into two little bodies topped with messy hair, something certainly worth being thankful about!

What are you thankful for?
Mum in the Making


  1. Isn't it amazing how fast they grow. My little J will also clench and unclench fist when he hears the same song too. He willl also do that when he wants us to sing the song to him.

  2. Mummy J: That's so cute, that he does it when he wants you to sing the song! :)



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