Friday, December 21, 2012

Festive Food: Christmas bentos

Hello hello! Am popping by to share two bentos that Junior J had over the past week, that were Christmas-themed. The first was a simple Christmas scene, with a large star:

The sandwich was an omelette with a cheesy filling. I just sliced triangles off the top two corners to make a house.

I didn't have a large star cutter, so I just winged it and cut the star out of cheese using a knife. The light rays are made of mayonnaise, which was supposed to go with the salad.

And the tree was made of salad leaves (its called feldsalat here, and you can easily replicate this with other salad leaves), and dotted with cheese hearts to remind the boy that this is a season of remembering God's love.

The second bento was done in a box. We had tortelloni stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach that night, in a garlicky tomato sauce (I just fried tomatoes with loads of garlic, some herbs and salt). I dressed things up a little bit by adding a Christmas tree using broccoli florets, and decorating it with carrot hearts and some mayonnaise:

And for dessert, the boy got some fruits (persimmon and blueberries). I arranged the berries in a cross to remind the boy of what the Christmas tree symbolizes!

This meal was all nicely boxed up in Tyrrell Katz dinosaur snack boxes, which the boy loves (You can purchase these over at JED Packs!). It comes in a set of three nesting boxes, which is good because you can keep the dessert separated from the main meal. This way, I can give the boy his fruits at the end, or he will gobble those up first and then pick at his mains! Another plus point is that they are dishwasher-safe (hubby is breathing a sigh of relief at not having to wash these!), freezer-safe and BPA-free. 

Both meals were done without requiring any bento tools save for a heart- and star-shaped food cutter, as well as a food pick. So you can easily make something similar at home!


This post is part of a fun festive food train hosted by DinoMama. Do hop on to get more yummy inspiration for this Christmas season!

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Tomorrow, PC would be sharing her recipe for biscotti! 

PC is an ordinary mother of two girls, aged 7 and 2 respectively. She opted for a part-time working scheme this year (and the next), in order to better juggle between family and work (as well as herself). 

She blogs at Simply Us, a place which keeps her sane amidst all the whining and messes.

[Disclaimer: We received a set of snack boxes from JED Packs! for review purposes, and opinions are my own.] 


  1. all so beautiful! it's great how you make eating fun for kids, esp with the veggies :) I just got a new obento book for my mum to make Sanrio characters. Hope she does it for Lil Pumpkin, or I might try to make some myself haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Do try it! Its actually pretty fun to play with the food. :) And even better if it helps them to eat well!

  2. How lovely! So wonderful that J eats his greens raw! The face poppy would make if I gave her some raw veg!!! I keep wanting to buy tiny shape cutters b somehow keep putting it off. Your posts always rekindle that urge in me haha

    1. Yes that's what I tell myself, at least he eats his greens! You could get all those cutters at Daiso, pretty fun to play with!

  3. Great ideas. I haven't made a bento in a while but you have inspired me yet again :)

    1. Yay, that's great to hear... do post if you do try making one!

  4. I love the broccoli Christmas tree idea! You always amaze me with your creativity and fantastic ideas.

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I know I’m a little late with my comment, but have now just been catching up on my backlog of posts and reads. These Christmas Bentos just took my breath away that I just HAD to stop and tell you how much I admire them. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the new year!



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