Thursday, December 29, 2016

J3 turns 3

December tends to be a flurry of festivities in our home, because the hubs, myself, as well as J3 celebrate our birthdays in the last month of the year. Add Christmas to the mix, and things do get pretty hectic! (Which is the main reason why I've not blogged for this whole month!)

Anyway, I'm popping in to record down J3's third birthday. I cannot believe this little baby boy is now three!

Dearest Small J,
You turned three this month. I think sometimes you feel a little conflicted: you don't enjoy being called a crybaby and being bullied by your older brothers, yet you also like the attention you get for being the "baby" of the family. You've looked forward to your birthday so much, and in particular you were excited about all the food you could get to eat! You had pancakes for breakfast on the day of your birthday, and you had them on a Moomin plate, because those Moomin remind you of hippos. Hippos these days are still one of your favourite animals.

We've stopped throwing parties for all of you for now. Instead, we let you choose a place to visit on the day of your birthday. You chose to go to the Animal Resort, because you absolutely love feeding animals. It is almost impossible to tear you away from the goats at the zoo, because you love feeding them, and all you could talk about after our Melbourne trip was how you got to feed the wallabies and wombats. 

So off we went to the Animal Resort, and you had a field day feeding all the animals, including the horse. You were rather apprehensive about feeding the horse, but you did it!

Your Ah Kong and Ah Ma had come all the way down to visit especially for your birthday, and we had dinner with all four grandparents. You had planned the menu weeks back, asking for satay, and pizza and cake. And as time went by the list grew longer. You wanted watermelon. You added cookies and cream icecream. You kept reminding me that the cake had to be a chocolate cake. We managed to make or buy most of the food on your wish-list, save for the ice-cream, because all the cookies and cream icecream I found had egg in them, which your older brother couldn't eat. But you were content because you got to eat a mini Magnum instead.

Have I told you what a little foodie you are? You are always trying to get out of doing work, by saying you are just a little boy. But when it comes to snacks, you are a big boy who wants a big portion!

And chocolate. Don't get me started about chocolate. You are crazy about chocolate. I think it was because I ate so much chocolate when I was expecting you. These days, you are always flinging open the fridge and standing there with an empty bowl, asking for chocolate. I wish you were so enthusiastic about your main meals, but snacks are your thing. Just the other day you were refusing to help to return your dirty bowl or to set the table. But when Papa's birthday cake came out, you immediately trotted off to the kitchen, got yourself a plate and fork, and sat down to wait for a piece. 

Oh, and the cake. You asked to help make it, so you did. But you ran off halfway, so Lil J helped me to finish making the cheesecake. We used this recipe, and the cake was so rich and good.

However, I think you ate way too much cake. After the cake, you asked to try the durian that we had purchased, and the strong smell made you throw up! But you weren't fazed, since after that you just ate more cake to make up for it.

You are such a affectionate little fellow, and a ray of sunshine in our home. I know it is hard being the youngest of three boys, and being pushed around all the time. Some days you cry until you are hoarse, and complain that your kokos are "dee-turbing me". But though you complain about them, you still love hanging out with your brothers. I love watching the three of you together when you play. Sometimes, Lil J declares he is your Papa and he takes care of you. Sometimes, all of you ride on pillows and sail away on adventures.

I especially love watching you play with your little sister. You love hanging out with her, and though you sometimes pinch her cheeks way too hard, it warms my heart to see how you are so affectionate towards her. You love being in the thick of things, and you would always get really upset when we talk about the times before you were born, because you would insist you were there!

These days, you have been doing a lot more doodling and scribbling, and your older brothers try to teach you to draw various things. You love singing songs and making up your own crazy lyrics ("Super Mario, you are naughty when you throw my paper away!"). You still drop your "S"s and sometimes we have to check with your brothers to understand what you are saying ("I ate bee-keet at yarn-day kool" = I ate biscuits at Sunday School). I secretly love your kiddy intonations, because they remind me that you are still our baby.

We cannot believe you are three, and all grown up! (But no, no more chocolate for you.) Happy Birthday, and may God continue to mold and shape you!

Your Mama and Papa


  1. Beautiful post! Love the effort you put in on the food for the family. So much love in them💗

  2. The food pictures are making me so hungry! Great job :)



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