Friday, September 18, 2009

Thinking Thursdays

We've been reading story books to baby J since he was two months old. Right now, when he's in a good mood, he will willingly sit in your lap and listen, while trying to turn the pages as you attempt to read to him. And I simply love the gorgeous children books you can find these days! Right now, some of the books that we are reading with him are:

Look Out, Stripy Horse!

We got this off the "recommended shelf" at the library near our house.  The illustrations are colourful and the characters are simply so so cute!  Baby J loves to look at the pictures for this one.  And did I mention?  We got the little boy his own library membership card, so he gets to borrow his own books!  (That leaves the mama very happy as she gets to borrow stuff she wants to read.)

Harry and the Dinosaurs and the Bucketful of Stories

I've always thought that little boys will be extremely fascinated by dinosaurs, so when I saw this book at Borders, we ended up buying it!  The illustrations are fabulous and since there are 5 stories in there, it'll last you for awhile longer... You should see the picture of the T Rex sitting in the dentist chair... extremely cute!

For myself, 2 of the books I'm currently reading are:
Feed Your Child Right: The First Complete Nutrition Guide for Asian Parents

Like I've previously mentioned, I'm trying to work out how best to feed the little boy, and this book is extremely useful as it caters to Asian parents wondering when best to introduce ikan bilis to the kiddoes... The revised version that they are selling now is much nicer than the older edition (which was just black and white text), with lots of nice pictures that make you want to whip up mini meals for baby...

Cool Spaces for Kids

Again, a library find.  This book is packed with tonnes of ideas of creating usable (and nice looking!) spaces for kids inside and outside the house.  Makes your fingers itch to get down to doing some of the projects!

PS: This post was meant for Thursday, but I was just too tired yesterday after my lecture. It was one of those bad days where I had to do lots of washing, as baby J woke up in the morning and threw up in his travel cot, and then proceeded to poop so much the diaper leaked!

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  1. Hi, there're 2 good books - Where the wild things are: highly recommended by NIE EL lecturers. I love it; Goodnight moon - by friends here. Currently reading to LJ at night.



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