Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weaning Wednesdays: Parks, pasta and pork

We went to Macritchie Reservoir for a walk this morning as hubby was on leave, and of course, baby J and the doggy came along with us. All of us had breakfast there, where our breakfast was cooked by the good man, who woke up early to fry the sausages and mushrooms, while baby J ate some Cheerios and banana cubes, and Nicky got a doggy biscuit. It got really hot though, so we had to head back home pretty soon as baby J got pretty grumpy, slumped down in his pram, and sounded his protests at various intervals.

The reservoir's a pretty nice place for evening walks, but not at 0830 with the sun beating down at you! (And I didn't get to take many shots as I was holding on to the leash and Nicky just had to chase after the macaques with me in tow!)

Oh yes, I just mentioned that baby J ate bananas, which he used to spit out when it was fed to him in a pureed state. I read an article recently on the wholesome baby foods website which seemed to answer all my questions on why the little tyke was being so DIFFICULT with regards to mealtimes, and decided that I would try to let him take the spoon to feed himself, and aim to give him as much finger foods as possible. So far, it seems to be working, except for some days where he absolutely refuses to eat after taking two to three bites, which we've attributed to him teething again (this time, at least 4 teeth have sprouted, much to my horror with regards to breastfeeding!).

Right now baby J has tried brown rice baby pasta (which are tiny and really cute!) mixed with chicken puree and carrots, watermelon cubes, Cheerios, egg yolk mixed with some rice porridge and Gerber's sweet potato graduate puffs, and we're currently giving him minced pork in his rice porridge. So far, the puffs and the egg didn't go too well, as I think the puffs increased his number of stools (but I'm not sure if its diarrhoea, or because he was sick then), and the egg yolk seemed to have caused a very slight rash around his mouth (but I'm again not sure if its due to his drooling from all those teeth sprouting!). He loves the crunchy stuff like the Cheerios and puffs though. Hopefully his appetite for solid foods continues... fingers crossed!

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