Saturday, December 12, 2009

4 ways to cut your baby's hair...

We've cut baby J's hair 3 times so far, and cutting that fellow's hair has been no mean feat!  Attempt number 1 by hubby resulted in a wonky fringe that looked like the dog nibbled on his hair, since a chunk of it was shorter than the rest.  Attempt number 2, by myself (after banning the hubby from cutting the boy's hair since the last failed attempt) resulted in us calling the boy "baby Spock" for two weeks until his too-straight fringe grew out.  

So when it came to attempt number 3, I decided to try to cut baby J's hair when he was AWAKE, since the past two attempts done when he was sleeping didn't turn out too well, especially since his hair would flop all over.  Also, haircuts during nap time meant that I was using up precious time I needed for housework (plus increasing the risk of waking the boy up prematurely), and usually a haircut would require a few naps to complete since it was dependent on the little fellow's sleeping position!

To start off with, I put the fellow in his high chair in front of the fish tank, hoping that the fishes would help to distract him.  Just one snip, and I had the boy batting at the scissors as if it was a mosquito buzzing at his ear... Ok, so I increased the distraction factor by taping a mirror to the tank, so that he can see his reflection.  That earned me another 3 more snips, before he was twisting around like a pretzel to see what was tickling at his scalp.  Thinking it was a failed attempt, I undo his seat-belt, only to have him grab it and play with it for the next ten minutes (which I fully used to cut his sides and back!). 

[Unsub trying to make a quick get-away from the scene of the crime.]

Still not satisfied with his haircut (especially since the front was still untouched), I leapt at the chance to do more snipping the next day when the boy was busy playing with his diaper cream after his bath.  20 minutes, alot of crawling around the bed, and a now emptied and fully-examined diaper caddy later, I had more or less finished his haircut, except for his fringe.  (It really takes a brave mama to approach a baby with a scissors from the front!)  The fringe I fix when he was napping, but the process was much faster than before, since the sides and back was done and I didn't need to wait for him to roll to the side to get at the back.  

[Who cares about how I look, as long as I have Cheerios in my mouth?]

I took a picture and sent it to the hubby, who responded with a "What happened to my handsome boy! He looks so dut (silly)!"  Well, baby J still looks pretty happy with that haircut, but I'm considering the 4th way to cut the boy's hair: Spend a little money and get someone else to do it instead!  (We've considered that before, just that we didn't want to risk having the boy come back with a too-short haircut, or looking like a Super Mario mushroom.)  So does anyone has any tips for hair-cutting, or a decent baby hairdresser to recommend?


  1. He looks cute! I bet you could find some videos on YouTube showing how to cut his hair. :)

  2. Hey Lindsay,
    That's a great idea! I'll go search before his next haircut, if I don't send him to a baby barber! :) Thanks!



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