Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weaning Wednesdays: Fattening up

Its been a busy week (hey that sounds familiar!), hence my lack of posts the past few days.  My in-laws are due to arrive tomorrow and will be staying with us for a week, and I've been trying to clear out the study room (which now doubles as a guest room since our usual guest room became baby J's nursery).  The study has always been this horrendous mess, mostly concealed behind some cupboard doors, no thanks to me being a teacher and hoarding teaching material, as well as all those materials I have for crafts that I have in mind.  I got fed-up with trying to stuff tottering piles of paper back into the cupboard every time I opened it, and having to ransack the place whenever the hubby needed some document, and decided last week that I would pack the room into some semblance of order that will STAY organized.  One week and half a season of "House" later, the study is looking neater and more organized, I finally have an area to keep all my fabrics sorted, and my brain is riddled with the names of all sorts of weird diseases.  There's still a bit more to sort, but at least my in-laws will get a guest room that doesn't look like a junk yard... :)

We've added mushrooms, beef, and honeydew to baby J's weaning list, and have ditched the graduate puffs again since it seems to bring on mild eczema.  He's not too fond the the first two, but seems to like fruits in general, probably thanks to their sweetness.  We've also started feeding him oatmeal for dinner, since he loves it so much, and he seems to eat more protein when its mixed in there (so we've been sneaking in beef into his meals that way).

One drawback of baby J's increased appetite for solids is a subsequent drop in milk production.  :(  It doesn't help that I've been losing alot of weight from breastfeeding, which I think affects the supply as well.  Ok, I know many mums would love to be in my position where breastfeeding actually helps to shed the pounds, but now that I'm 4 kg lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight with a BMI fast approaching the anorexic range, its starting to worry me and hubby (who's force-feeding me eggs for breakfast nowadays).   Seems like its back to the good old fenugreek for me, plus a lot of snacking in between meals (which is a challenge since I'm on a non-diary, non-soy diet!)... 

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