Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thinking Thursdays: Peekaboo!

Baby J has added one new milestone to his list about a week ago: The ability to turn the pages of a board book.  I found out by accident when we were reading a library book and he reached out to flip the flaps, and turn the pages, and we were naturally very excited and kept reading the book to him, just to let him turn the pages!  He also kisses the baby pictures and his reflection in the mirror that's included (which we find absolutely cute), but he still refuses to give us kisses though...

We actually borrowed this book thinking that the boy would like it since it has pictures of babies, which fascinate him til no end: Baby Faces Peekaboo.

Turns out the boy really loves reading this one, so I'm tempted to get him his own copy!  The book has flaps with pictures of babies behind them, as well as things to touch like textured surfaces.  And it has a mirror right at the back, so that baby can look at himself, which, knowing all babies, is a great plus point!


  1. Hey Jus, eat more, eat more! You were already skinny when u left us..and now you lost weight again?? I just put on 2 kg!! ahhaah..will love to donate it to you! BTW, i advertised your stuff on my hopefully u get some business coming in!

  2. Hey Jo!
    Haha... being happily married does usually lead to adding a little weight, it just means HK's feeding you well!

    Thanks for advertising, and I simply love all your scrap projects! They look so good!



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