Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Made: Alphabet toys

The past few nights have been spent working out how to sew alphabet toys for a DG mate's baby, since I wanted to make them as a Christmas gift for the little boy.  After alot of twiddling and unpicking and adjusting, I finally came up with this:

No detailed tutorial on this since I think I still need to refine my sewing skills, but basically I cut out the shapes freehand (with about 0.5 cm allowance all around) and sewed around the sides leaving the tops open (for stuffing).  I then stuffed them using either normal cotton stuffing or cellophane paper (to make the crinkly sound that babies love), and sewed the tops shut with ribbon tabs attached.  This way, the little boy can either play with the individual letters (that spell his name btw), or my friend can string them up at the cot for him to play with them.  Then, I just did a simple drawstring bag to put all the letters in... Some of my stitching came out a little wonky, but hopefully the boy likes them! 

Gotta go for a family lunch now, but I'll be back to post about the crazy weekend that's just past... Have a great week ahead!


  1. Nice! :) Like the idea of stringing them...

  2. Thanks SY :) I liked your curtain idea too! :)

  3. wow...very nice leh...should start shop lah!

  4. Hey J (or Y?),
    Thanks! :) Think not yet, cos my sewing's still pretty wonky... perhaps later on...



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