Saturday, April 24, 2010

15 months!

Dearest little boy,
You turn 15 months today!  (Yes, Mama's still keeping count!)  One of the things we've realized about you is your ability to pick up words quickly, use them for a week or so, after which you suddenly stop using those words... Right now, the words that keep flying out of your mouth include "Fish" (fssshhhhh, yelled very loudly when you went to the pet store), "Dog" (dwog, followed by a "woahwoah" to imitate the dog's barking), "Cat" (which you also follow with a soft "meeooow"), and "Shoe" ("ssshhhhhh" this one is usually said many times in urgency when you want to go out for a walk, and you also love to look out for the pictures of shoes in storybooks).  You sometimes still say "shirt!" when you see something hanging on a hanger, and go "tiktok" whenever you see a real or picture clock.... And you love traffic lights, and would mimic them and go "di dok di dok" everytime we pass one when on the streets or in the car.  And your favorite word for the past month has to be "No no!", followed by a vigorous shaking of your head.

You've become willing to toddle around more, and you can actually take a few steps unaided, however, you prefer to hang on to Mama or Papa's hand for support.  I'm not complaining, since I know there'll come a time where I'll have to be chasing you and you won't want to hold my hand anymore!  You love to climb steps, and would try to take them quickly with us hanging on to you for dear life... and one of your favorite pastimes is to zoom along quickly using your toddle truck until you are forced to come to a crashing stop.

Crayons and the toy hammer are two of your favorite things currently... and you can keep hammering away for a full 15 minutes.  Sometimes, you hit your finger in the process and would bring it to me for a kiss, after which you are A-ok. :)  You've started to like to scribble (both on the paper and on the table!), and I love the look of delight on your face when you examine your artwork, as well as the way you concentrate really hard and stick out your tongue when drawing...

The impatient side of you is starting to show up.  You protest whenever we wear your shoes since you want both shoes to be worn at the SAME time so that you can quickly get outdoors, and you get frustrated sometimes when you are playing with your stacking rings, and start throwing them when you can't fit the bigger rings through.  You throw temper tantrums when you can't get your way.  However, there's a cheerful and cheeky side to you too:  You love to play peekaboo with us and would pop out from behind doors and curtains, and you also imitate your Ah Kong's (paternal grandpa) snoring!  You also have an affectionate nature and would give us kisses, and you would sometimes plaster your bear with kisses, leaving him wet and drooly...

You love to examine your belly button, and finally can point to it when asked (you used to point to your chest!). Looking at that little belly button reminds me of the time when you were still in my tummy, kicking whenever you heard certain songs from Papa's favorite movie, Serendipity.  I can't believe how much you've grown since!

Your Mama.


  1. This letter is beautiful. One day J will read it and he´ll thank you for it. He will hug you with his big arms and you will be the happiest mother in the world.
    My baby girl is almost 13 months, and she walks around the house. I can tell you this: PREPARE yourselves because you´ll be literally running after him.
    Lovely post!!!

  2. Kira, your little one sounds like a happy, active little girl! :) And you are right, we're starting to have to run after the boy since he just started walking on his own!



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