Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend wanderings: Beach baby!

Colourful doors, @ Tanjong Pagar

We had a really great weekend this time round (despite the daily thunderstorms). We managed to hang out together as a family for almost the entire 2 days, except for Saturday morning when the hubby had to attend a meeting.   As a family, we managed to:

:: Head down to the library (while Mama snuck off to get her very messy hair trimmed), after a simple lunch of ban mian at a nearby coffee shop.  The boy had a good time stuffing his mouth full of noodles...

:: Bring Junior J to the beach.  It was his first time playing with sand (yes, his parents have deprived him of this until his 15th month birthday, tsk tsk!), and he couldn't get enough of it!  He flung it around, scooped it in and out of his bucket, and got his feet buried.  He panicked when he toddled among the waves though!

You can see how skinny the little boy is...

Finally, a photo with the mama inside!

:: Have Brazilian steak for dinner at Espirito Santo (at Parkway Parade), our all time favorite steak place!  That was followed by some time toddling around and browsing of cook books at Borders.

:: Head down to Tanjong Pagar for lunch at Qun Zhong Eating House after church, with a couple of church friends.  I've blogged about the food, and we still love the noodles there (and I love the old shophouses with their brightly coloured shopfronts at the area).  However, the service is terrible: We ordered more food and the auntie showed her displeasure at the inconvenience of having to prepare more dishes for the same table, and we got chased out at the end of lunch since there was a queue.  (Their poor service is legendary, you can read the food reviews here.)  Junior J liked to eat the noodles though, and ate up all the minced pork we gave him from the xiao long bao stuffing...

Junior J and his godpa... (The boy was sleepy after church...)

:: Visit the Pameran Poskad exhibition with our church friends, to support our DG mate who was one of the organizers of the exhibition... The concept was interesting: Postcard sized artwork submitted by anyone and everyone, even students and kids aged 6 years and below!  The boy had a great time examining various pieces, and spent alot of time toddling and crawling around...

The boy was so squirmy, it was hard to get a decent shot at the exhibition!

:: Try making apple cake, using a recipe my mum had.  The directions called for a 1 hour bake period, so the cake turned out too dry... so I won't post up the recipe, until I've gotten it right!

:: Meet up with some NIE friends for dinner, to discuss the arrangements for her wedding (which we are photographing).  We ate at Pasta Fresca, and the food was really yummy!  (No photos though, we were too busy trying the feed the little boy, who kept asking for vegetable soup and pasta to eat!)

Phew... We really had a good time...  The dog was upset though, since we were out both days, so we made up for it by giving him a good long walk this morning before the hubby left for work.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. I love the photos, specially the one with mama inside, I know exactly what you mean.
    Little Larinka went to the beach on January and ate a lot of sand. Every single day I had to sit right next to her because she couldn´t get enough sand!!!
    Hope you have a great week, just like the busy and great weekend you had!
    PS: I´ll wait for the apple cake recipe.

  2. mmm apple cake, i'll wait for the recipe too!
    btw, i've got a new public blog @ :D cya there!

  3. Kira: Haha... children and sand really seem to go together! You have a great week too, and I'll try to tweak that recipe when I can!

    Bingling: I really like your blog, girl! The design's great!

    Shiow Yih: Thanks! :)



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