Saturday, April 24, 2010

Foodie Fridays: Risotto!

Okok, I must admit I didn't keep to the 3/7 resolution this week, since my exam was on Tuesday, and I had no time at all to go marketing after that since I was out in the field every morning.  So this week's count is a pathetic... drumroll...... ONE meal!  Ah... at least I tried to make up for the lack of meals by cooking something that required more time and effort (the recipe described it as cooking risotto the "slow and painful way").

So this is what we had for dinner... Gourmet mushroom risotto... as well as salad with japanese dressing...

You can get the risotto recipe here.  Like described, it was rather tedious to cook, since it required constant stirring for 20 minutes or so, but it turned out quite yummy (at least the hubby and my mum said so!).  I made some amendments to the recipe since I wanted to give a portion to Junior J as well, by replacing the white wine with chicken stock (Note: If you do that, you might want to use a lower volume  of stock since it doesn't evaporate off like the wine, which may make the risotto a tad soggy).  Also, I realized that the stock I purchased (the Heinz version) contained MSG in it (lurking innocently in the packet as flavour 621), so I diluted the stock with water (2 parts stock to 1 part water), and used very little in Junior J's portion.  Even without the white wine, the dish was full of flavor because of the mushrooms, and I really love the creaminess of the Arborio rice!  While the adults loved it, the toddler wasn't impressed and preferred eating his pear.  Oh well!

Have a great weekend!

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