Friday, April 23, 2010

Thinking Thursdays: Teddy Tales

There's something about boys and bears that seem to make them go together naturally.  Take for example the blue Sasha's bear that we passed to Junior J to play with sometime back.  Though the bear has never been upgraded to "lovey" status, the boy insists on holding "brrear brrear" as well as his bolster every time he gets a feed or has to go for a nap.  Those times aside, the bear gets left in the cot or thrown on the floor...

So anyway, here are 3 bear books that we've been reading and loving:

1. When You Meet A Bear On Broadway:

This was a library find, and tells the story of a little bear who has lost his mother.  Junior J loves this book so much, we've read it at least 30 times to him, and when you ask him "What does little bear say?", he goes "Mama!" in the sweetest tone ever!

2. Prince Bear and Pauper Bear:

This is by local writer Emily Lim.  I really love her stories, which are simple and heartwarming!  This book is basically a tale of two bears with different fates, but then their paths eventually cross again... read the book to find out! :)

3. Just Teddy:

Another book by Emily Lim.  Its a tale of a bear that tries to fit in, only to realise that he is a "one of a kind" bear. :)  Both books are available at Borders, and you can check out other books by her here.

What bear books have you read and loved?


  1. Hello!
    These books seem to be great but I´m not sure I can get them here...
    I read to my little baby girl in russian and we watch russian dvd´s. One of them is about a little girl called Masha and a big BEAR. She calls him Mishka. Nobody wants to be around Masha because she is very messy, but Mishka is her dearest friend. They have short but lovely adventures in the woods together.
    Reading is very important. Sometimes little Larinka comes walking with a book and gives it to me. She wants to listen to the story one more time and sometimes I´m tired, but that´s when I realize that those moments are magical. I sit down with her and read it again, of course.

  2. Hi Kira... Oh yes, they always want to listen to the same stories again and again don't they? And I enjoy being able to sit down and read with them too... That russian book sounds interesting! Any chance that they'll have an english translation?

  3. Mhhhh, I don´t think so, but I can promiss you this: if one day I publish a children´s book (I want to write it and ilustrate it as well) I will send a copy for little J.
    Hugs and kisses,

  4. Kira, that would be so so so so so nice! I'm sure it'll be a lovely book, especially with your gorgeous illustrations! :)



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